How to clean your curtains without dismantling them

Many busy housekeepers have wondered how to clean their curtains without pulling them down, and many others have put it off since it is so difficult. To remove those bulky curtains from their rods, clean them, and then reinstall them is such a mammoth chore. Anyone would be turned off by this dreadful work simply by contemplating the labor and time required. But I suspect most people would be willing to give it a try if they knew there were some very simple ways to get your curtains done without having to pull them off poles. To learn how to clean curtains without calling curtain cleaners in Canberra, keep reading.

Tips to clean curtains without bringing them down:

  • Give them a good shake.

Even though it might seem simple, pounding your curtains will help remove any easily removed dirt and dust, which you can then quickly vacuum up from the carpet and nearby surfaces. The simplest approach to accomplishing this is to shake the dirt off, starting at the top of the pole or rod that is used to secure them to the wall. We advise getting a ladder, setting it firmly and securely against the wall before climbing up, and always exercising caution as necessary unless you are 10 feet tall.

  • Make use of a vacuum.

To suck up the dirt and dust, start at the top and work your way down, using a compact vacuum, preferably one with a long, maneuverable hose. Of course, you might not be able to just hoover this away if you are dealing with the mysterious stain, but it is a fantastic place to start. You might need to use a ladder to reach the very top of the curtains, and since you’ll need both hands free to move the vacuum, you’ll surely need a second person to help you stay steady. It might be worthwhile to include curtain cleaning Canberra to your cleaning regimen in order to avoid another buildup.

  • Use a lint roller for pet hair

If you’ve ever dealt with lint, you know how difficult it can be to get rid of and that it may even be resistant to shaking and vacuuming. Then, with the curtains pulled straight, use a lint roller or brush (or, if you don’t have access to one of them, roll some adhesive tape backwards onto itself and dab the curtains—this also works). How much comes off the first time can surprise you!

  • Clean your windows.

All things considered, washing your curtains won’t help if your windows are dirty because the dirt from the windows will eventually find its way into the curtains. Therefore, before you start working on your drapes or seek professional curtain cleaning Canberra, be sure to dust and clean the glass panels and grills. To clean off any dirt and grime that may be stuck to the window glass and grills, pull back the curtains and use a duster. All things considered, cleaning your curtains won’t help if your windows are dirty, because eventually the dirt from the windows will make its way inside. Don’t start working on your curtains until you’ve dusted and cleaned the window glass and grills. You must remove any dirt and grime that may be stuck to the window glass and grills by pushing back the curtains and using a cleaner to remove them.

  • Keep your drapes well-ventilated.

Curtain cleaners Canberra suggest to give your curtains plenty of fresh air and sunlight, and make sure to fully air them. To get rid of residual odors and stop the growth of mold, keep windows open and allow fresh air to circulate amid the folds of the drapes. Leave windows open in the morning and evening on alternate days to allow air in.

While it is absolutely crucial to occasionally hire a professional cleaner, it is not always necessary. Save the money and trouble of having your curtains professionally cleaned when it isn’t necessary. You could get the desired effects by cleaning them while they are still hanging. And for a professional curtain cleaning Canberra experience, connect with Curtain Cleaning Canberra. With us at the job you will no longer have to worry about drapery maintenance.