Blinds Cleaning Canberra

Blinds are a lot more than just decoration, they filter out bacteria, dander and pollutants. You make sure everything in your house looks just perfect, but wait, aren’t you missing something? Yes, your curtains. They may look like they are not that dirty but let us tell you they do need to be cleaned regularly not just for the looks but also for your health. Search for our blinds cleaning service and get clean blinds!

Blinds perform a lot of jobs -they block noise, dust, provide you privacy, regulate the light and the temperature in your room, the benefits are just endless. It is but natural that they will suffer some wear and tear over time. You don’t want your guests to point out the need of cleaning them, so why suffer the embarrassment and instead do it now? But don’t worry, we got you covered. Just sit back and relax and trust our professionals. Read below to know more.

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Blinds Cleaning services Canberra

Why buy new curtains, when you can renew your old ones. Yes, you are reading it right. Now you can save the shopping money for other things on your wish list. Leave your curtains to the experts.

Our professionals Blinds Cleaning in Canberra makes sure your blinds look flawless in addition to getting rid of dust, dust mites, dirt, grease, smoke, and other allergens from them. We offer a customized cleaning system, much superior to the traditional ultrasonic or dry cleaning methods. You will be glad to know that we care not only for your curtains but also the environment. Our cleaning products and processes are extremely eco friendly, cruelty-free and not to forget, extremely efficient. We usually require the curtains to be taken to our cleaning facility, which we take care of on our own. At the cleaning facility, your curtains get an incredible deep cleaning with our water submersion cleaning system.

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What are Blinds cleaning services?

With our self contained mobile system, all types of curtains are taken care of, whether it be office, apartment or commercial blinds. Now get your curtains deep cleaned and free of all deep dirt, dust, grease and hidden allergens minus the hassle and the good news is you save on money too!

There’s another good news, you not only save on money, effort but also time. Our experienced staff will take care of everything from end to end from taking off the blinds, cleaning them in specially designed vehicles to putting them back in their place.

Before the actual cleaning, we inspect your curtains well all over and make sure we don’t miss out on any issues, minor or major. After noting all the details about your curtains, we start with the actual cleaning. We use superior cleaning agents and advanced technology to take care of all the dust, dirt and grime, across the length as well as width. We make sure you tell the stories and not your curtains, which is why we remove all oil stains, nicotine smells, dust mites and any other thing. 

So why choose our Blinds Cleaning services in Canberra?

We are well Experienced: We have done various successful blind, window shades and drapery clean ups. Here are few other reasons why you should choose us for blinds cleaning in Canberra

  • Experts: Our experts take care of all types of blinds.Cotton, velvet or chiffon, leave it to us.
  • Eco-Friendly: Our cleaning services are safe for the environment, your family as well as your health. So keep your blinds clean while being conscious of the well-being of Mother Earth too.
  • Certification: We are certified and have gotten tons of good reviews. So, you don’t need to worry about any damage or defect to your lovely drapes.

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  • Q: What type of blinds do you clean?

    A: We are capable of cleaning all types of blinds that are there in the market presently. You name it, we clean it! Be it -Vertical Blinds, Mini Blinds, Metal Blinds, Real Wood Blinds, Silhouettes Shades, Shutters. Pleated Shades, Pirouette Shades, Power View Remote Control Blinds, Luminette Sheers, Faux Wood Blinds, Duette Shades, Honeycomb Shades, Roman Shades, Roller Shades or any other. We are certified to take care of all your drapery types.

  • Q: Do I need to take down the blinds and bring them to your store?
  • Q: How long is the cleaning turn-a-round when I drop off the blinds at your store?
  • Q: Will my blinds shrink?
  • Q: Do you provide spot/ stain removal?