How Do You Remove Candle Wax from Curtains

Curtains are integral to your interiors and home décor and should be included as part of home maintenance. Curtains add color and appeal yet they get exposed to many atmospheric pollutants and other elements out of human activity. Curtain care is important to keep that well-kept look of your home intact. Out of all the elements that soil or spoil the curtain candles is a time common occurrence when wax gets stuck on the surface. Getting wax off is a difficult task in curtain cleaning and an irritating one often needing help from Curtain cleaning Canberra service experts.

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Candles are often used for embellishing as accessories or party décor during birth day parties or other special occasions. Many use fragrant candles to lighten the mood or eliminate bad odors from rooms or indoors. Accidents happen on candles when they are lit and kept close to curtains or window sills. Curtains come in touch with melted due to this proximity and end up getting bits of wax plastered all over. Of course you can dispel all worries and call Curtain Cleaners Canberra experts who efficiently remove all the wax with their quick training and experience. For those of you who intend to remove the waxy bits yourself you can do so with a little care and effort. Two issues to keep in mind when dealing with wax removal, first you have to remove the wax and second remove the stain left behind by it on your curtains. So when you have parties where candles are burning ensure to tie your drapes for safety first.

Wax removal can be a bit tough but you need not rush to Professional Curtain cleaning Canberra specialists. Here are a few workable steps to help you remove melted wax from your curtains. You might actually find the procedure easy.

Take down curtains and wrap them in a bag

Once you have identified the wax on your drapes first thing is to remove the wax stained drapes from the rods from which they are hanging and bunch them together well. Now get a roomy storage bag or plastic bag and place this bunched or folded curtain in it. Now place this packet or bag inside your freezer. Allow to remain so inside for about 15 minutes, so that the meted wax gets hard under the cold temperature inside.

Scrape off hardened cold wax

Now bring out the curtain from the freezer and place it on a flat surface. Now the frozen and hardened wax can easily be scrapped off. Take care to do it gently not agitating the curtain fabric. When you scrape off you can use a clean plastic spatula, butter knife or any hard visiting card to do the job. It works perfectly fine.
Prepare before ironing
Now take any brown paper or grocery paper and place on your ironing board. On top of this place the wax covered portion of the curtain. Place another open sack on top of curtain. The print side should be facing you.

Ironing the curtain

Now put your iron on a medium high setting. Run the iron over the paper on top of the curtain you are treating. Keep moving the paper with each press you make, so as not to transfer the wax to the curtains. Keep doing this process till you are sure that all wax has been absorbed off. If all this seems a bit of challenge you can engage Curtain cleaning Canberra experts and have them take care of your curtains.

Wash the curtains in washing machine

Put your curtains in a machine on gentle setting. Once done leave them for drying. Once completely dry, iron the curtains to smooth out any wrinkles and then finally put them back on the curtain rod again. Alternatively you may hand wash the curtains if you wish and dry and iron it before hanging. If you are unsatisfied with results you may call Curtain Cleaners Canberra specialists to revive the fresh look.

Candles are utility items and are the pride of a classy dinner or joyous birthdays. They lend the right atmosphere and mood and lifts up spirits. They look lovely and lend a soothing environment and are at time preferred over harsh lighting. Yet when you use them it is necessary to ensure you do so with safety and keep them away from flammable materials and upholstery like curtains and carpets. In case of severe wax spills it is advisable to take help from Professional curtain cleaning Canberra services. For minor areas these pointers should serve as a huge help to remove the waxy bits from your drapes effectively.