How to Properly Clean A Fabric Curtain

Fabric curtains are extremely beautiful and soft. These give a cozy effect to the interior. However, for maintaining the charm of the curtains, you need to clean them regularly.

When it comes to curtain cleaning Canberra, most homeowners machine-wash their fabric curtains just for the sake of cleaning. This is not exactly what you should be doing with your delicate curtains.

So, let’s explore and learn how to properly clean a fabric curtain!

Steps For Curtain Cleaning

Before washing the curtains, there are a lot of things you need to do for getting professional curtain cleaners’ Canberra-like results. Here’s what you need to do:

  • For proper cleaning of your curtains, take measurements in case your curtain fabric has shrinkage issues. You need to stretch them back into shape.
  • Detach any hooks, weights, and accessories, then loosen the curtains and let them lie flat on the surface.
  • For removing dust from the curtains toss them in a dryer without heating them before cleaning. Alternatively, you can shake the curtains and spread them on the floor or flat surface, and dust them with the vacuum cleaning attachment.
  • Read the labels of the curtain for instructions. If the curtains are safe to be washed in machines, proceed with machine washing, else hand wash them at home.
  • Now prepare your washing machine for Curtain Cleaning Canberra. Don’t overfill water in the machine, as it is important to note that curtains get heavier when wet.
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning solution for curtain steam cleaning Canberra.
  • In case you are hand-washing the curtain, avoid rubbing aggressively or wringing the fabric; instead, you can be gentle.
  • Dry curtains on clothesline by tying them forming parallel lines to avoid wet surface touching. Letting the curtains dry on wooden surface may discolor them.
  • After the curtains dry naturally, iron them by moving vertically on the side that will not be seen when hanged. For removing wrinkles and water marks, use steam iron or wet the portion again that has dried.
  • For proper finishing, gently stretch seams when ironing. Take some help from your friends for stretching the curtains. Spread the curtain on the bed and pull them evenly from each side.
  • Insert weights, hooks and accessories when the curtains have dried, and pull the tape of the curtain to its correct width.
  • You can save some time and energy if you have access to steam iron or a portable steamer. This way you can hang the curtains and straighten them directly.
  • Clean the valances and rods properly so dirt doesn’t get transferred to your clean curtains. If the valance is too dirty clean them using the liquid detergent and water solution with a sponge; vacuum an upholstered valance with the upholstery attachment and a wooden valance with the crevice tool.
  • It’s simplest to rehang curtains if you use a ladder. Take some help from your friend to assure the curtains don’t drag on the floor.

Final Words

Follow our step-by-step process for cleaning your curtains properly. Use eco-friendly cleaning products and invest in some equipment. See the result yourself!

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