Best Ideas for Windows Curtains in your Kitchen

The kitchen is one the most visited areas of a house, and hence you should make sure it looks elegant, and beautiful all the time. The best way of beautifying your kitchen is by adding curtains around the windows.

However, the kitchen is the area where a lot of byproducts are produced including smoke, oil particles, humidity, and so on. And, cleaning kitchen curtains mean hiring professional curtain cleaners Canberra. These factors often make homeowners reluctant at installing curtains in the kitchen

Good news? Curtains with great strength and ideal fabrics can be used in kitchens. Continue reading to know more about the best ideas for windows curtains in your kitchen!

Finding the Right Curtain Fabric

As mentioned earlier, the kitchen produces a lot of smoke, oil particles, and odor which can easily settle on the curtains. It is crucial to find a fabric that is easy to clean at home and durable enough. After all, nobody wants to hire experts for Curtain Cleaning Canberra every month.

Fabrics like silk, linen, and velvet can be your best option for a kitchen windows curtain. Avoid going for the cotton fabrics for kitchen curtains, as they absorb a lot of dirt and regular cleaning is not suggested at all. Do thorough research before investing in a curtain fabric for your kitchen windows.

Matching the Patterns

Your kitchen should match the vibe of your house. For this, you need to go for the curtains that don’t stand out from the rest of the curtains inside your house. Do a bit of research about curtains and different patterns that can go with the theme of your kitchen.

You can go through the internet and look for the curtain types that are ideal for your kitchen. You can try going for small patterns if you want to keep the look subtle. Big patterns are great when you want to give a theme to your kitchen.

Choosing an Ideal Color

The most intelligent thing you can do for your kitchen curtains is go for colors that can get mixed with dirt and stains. Colors like shades of brown, beige, yellows, and so on can prevent you from hiring experts for professional curtain cleaning Canberra regularly.

Additionally, you can study a bit about the emotions every color depicts. Take a tour of your house and decide which color will look best in your kitchen. Else, you can go for colors that complement the color of your kitchen walls.

Natural Lighting in Your Kitchen

The lighting of your kitchen plays an important role when it comes to deciding an ideal color for curtains. If your kitchen receives abundant light, then getting curtains is the best solution for you. However, this doesn’t mean you should not get curtains in your kitchen if there isn’t much natural lighting in the space.

Curtains do more than block light, it also provides privacy to your home. Therefore, if your kitchen receives more natural light, you can go for blackout curtains. On the other hand, if privacy is your concern then go for curtains with light fabrics.

Short vs Long Curtains

Now, you have to decide between long and short curtains. While long curtains cover a huge area of your kitchen, short curtains are easy to use and cover a smaller part. Handling small curtains is easy, whereas long curtains can cause some minor issues when cleaning the kitchen.

You need to decide the length of your curtain, based on the size of the windows you have in the kitchen. If the windows are on a separate wall then go for longer curtains. In case the windows have countertops beneath, short curtains will be best for your kitchen.

Final Words

If you are thinking about adding curtains in your kitchen, then follow our guide to find a perfect curtain that is easy to clean and maintain. Beautify your kitchen windows while maintaining privacy at home.

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