5 Tips to Clean Your Curtains without Washing Them

Curtains are an essential part of décor for any residential or commercial space. They are not just useful for providing privacy by are also essential in controlling temperature and light. Although they keep you indoors safe from external factors and pollutants, still these curtains are constantly vulnerable to dust, dirt and debris which makes them look dull, stained and discoloured.

Curtain Steam Cleaning Canberra

Although washing your curtains might look like an obvious solution to this problem of staining and fading, still it is time-consuming and tough if your curtains are made from heavy material or delicate fabrics.

So, here are 5 top tips that will help you to clean your curtains without washing them. Read on to know more.

  1. Vacuum clean your curtains-

Cleaning your curtains with the vacuuming method is a quick and easy way of curtain cleaning in Canberra. You can eliminate accumulated dust, dirt, debris and other pollutants which can compromise your health and the entire look of your interiors. For this, you need to use a soft-bristled brush attachment which comes with a vacuum cleaner. You need to start cleaning the curtains from the top and work your way down towards the bottom. While cleaning your delicate curtain with a vacuum cleaner, you need to take special care so that any type of damage is avoided. Vacuum cleaning your curtains once every week can help clean and freshen your curtains.


  1. Use a steam cleaner-

Using a steam cleaner is yet another effective way of curtain cleaning in Canberra. This method can be used to clean your curtains without washing them. Also, it is an effective method for removing wrinkles from your curtains and freshening them. For this, you need to fill your steam cleaner with water and allow it to heat up. You need to hold the steam about 5 inches away from your curtains so that the accumulated dirt, dust and pollutants are removed from your curtains. Ensure that you steam clean your curtains from both sides to eliminate unwanted smells, wrinkles and pollutants from your curtains.


  1. Use a freshener for your curtain fabrics-

If you want to give a quick refreshing touch to your curtains, then using a fabric freshener is a great solution. This can help you remove foul odours from your curtain fabric and instil a fresh scent in them. You need to look for a good quality freshener that does not leave any stains behind and gives your curtains a fresh and spotless look. For best results, you just need to spray this freshener from a distance and you can experience a pleasant smell induced in the curtains.


  1. Use a lint roller for removing accumulated dirt and dust-

A lint roller is an effective tool for eliminating pet hair, debris, lint and dust from your curtains. You need to simply roll the lint roller on your curtains beginning from top to bottom. Start from the top and work your way down. These tools are easy to use and can quickly remove debris from your curtains. This is one more effective way of curtain cleaning in Canberra.


  1. Hire professional curtain cleaning services in Canberra-

If your curtains have tough stains which are difficult to remove with DIY cleaning methods, then maybe it is time to call professional curtain cleaners for your help. At Curtain Cleaning Canberra, we offer premium services for residential as well as commercial properties. We have reliable curtain cleaning experts who can provide curtain cleaning at your convenience. Our team of well-trained and well-equipped experts ensure that your curtains are cleaned thoroughly and without any damage. Our latest machinery, sustainable cleaning solutions and vast experience help you to get clean curtains within the given timeline.

So, if you are looking for reliable and efficient curtain cleaners in Canberra, then connect with us now and we will take all the possible efforts to clean your stained curtains within the given timeline.

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