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When it comes to your draperies, you probably don't consider how filthy they are, but you should. Dust, filth, grime, and odours remain to your draperies and are difficult to get rid of. Start with your draperies if you're stuck for inspiration. The sniff test is what it's called. If your draperies don't smell fresh and clean, it's definitely time to get them cleaned by a professional drapes cleaning Services Canberra. We can remove odours and contaminants from your curtains and drapes right away with our drapery dusting service. Even though the curtains or drapes do not appear to be dirty, a variety of factors contribute to the need to clean them.

Curtains, especially those made of cotton or a heavier fabric, collect a lot of allergens and dust, which are transported by the wind and induce allergies like coughing, sneezing, and runny nose. Moulds and mildews grow in warm, moist, humid settings, and inhaling them is especially dangerous for youngsters, the elderly, people with asthma or bronchitis, and even pregnant women.

Your home's heating system can hide dirt in your curtains, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. As a result, the fabric of your curtains will deteriorate, necessitating the need of a professional curtain cleaners to handle the dry cleaning of your curtains. You don't have to clean your draperies until they're filthy! Drapes cleaning services Canberra can assist you in cleaning your drapes and extending their life.

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Our Skill in Drapes cleaning services Canberra: Cleaning a Multitude of Fabrics

We clean a variety of window covering materials, including velvet, silk, brocade, tapestry, lame, chintz and other drapery textiles. Our technicians also have the skills necessary to clean your more delicate window-covering materials with care and thoroughness, such as lace, semi-sheer and sheer curtain fabrics. We can make lined and unlined window curtains, as well as flocked, embroidered and plain window curtains.

Among the curtain fabrics we work with are voile, organdie, jacquard, and other nylon, rayon, cotton and polyester blends. You may trust our professional drapes cleaning services Canberra to clean your curtains and draperies, regardless of the fabric.

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Drapes Cleaning Process

Drapes cleaning services Canberra uses steam to brighten and enhance your window curtains. Steam cleaning your drapes and curtains removes deeply hidden dust, grime, stains, and odours, thoroughly cleaning them and giving them a fresh new look and feel. If your draperies do not require comprehensive cleaning, we can vacuum them to remove any dust or other material that has accumulated since the last cleaning and/or vacuuming.

Reasons To Clean Drapes

One of the most difficult aspects of curtains is that they can appear clean and attractive while still concealing a significant quantity of dust, pollutants, and allergens.

  • Unless you clean them often and thoroughly, all those exquisite folds of fabric can collect pet hair, dander, and pollen.
  • Your drapes' appearance, including texture, colour, and pattern, might deteriorate without proper cleaning, necessitating their replacement.
  • Vacuuming is a good technique to clean drapes in between professional cleanings, but it's not enough to keep window coverings looking new.
  • Drapes and window treatments should be cleaned on a regular basis to keep them from getting dingy and to eliminate minute particles such as insects, dust, and mould from the fabric.

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  • Q: How often should you clean your drapes?

    A: Cleaning your drapes on a regular basis is necessary to ensure that they last. If someone in your household is allergic to dust, it's advisable to clean your draperies once a year. Otherwise, it should be done every three to five years.

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