Curtains add a subtle touch of light to a room. They add style and elegance to homes and are an integral part of any interior design. Even though they play such a huge role in the beauty and design of a house, that’s not their only purpose. They also keep unwanted light, pollution and dust outside, ensuring that the room is protected and clean.

As curtains block all the unwanted dirt and dust, they get dirty and will turn into a home for bacteria and germs if not cleaned regularly. We need to clean them from time to time to ensure their good condition.

The shine and texture of the curtains fade easily if they are washed at home. Professional curtain dry cleaning services is an ideal option if you don’t want any shrinkage or fade in your curtains after being cleaned. We are experts when it comes to dry cleaning curtains. Restore their original beauty with our services.

Curtain Dry Cleaning in Mollymook

Curtain dry cleaning is an effective method to clean curtains and remove allergens, dust and dirt from them. Whether it’s your delicate lace curtains or those heavy pleated curtains, our professional team will restore them to their previous glory. While dry cleaning your curtains we keep in mind the label instructions of your and hand finish them providing the best results possible.

What is curtain dry cleaning services?

Dry cleaning is one of the cleaning methods or professional cleaning techniques for cleaning curtains. Curtain dry cleaning Mollymook makes sure all the odour, microbes and dirt is gone while ensuring that the material and texture of the curtain fabric remains the same.

Curtains are mostly made of fabrics that require special care, they may be too thick and require proper cleaning or they may be too soft and may not be able to withstand regular machine wash. Not just because of the fear of their shine and texture getting ruined due to home wash, they are so large and wide at times that they should be given to professional curtain dry cleaning services.

So, curtain dry cleaning not only enhance the life of curtains but also make them odour and dust free which has been collected on them over months.

What are some of the benefits of Curtain Dry Cleaning services in Mollymook?

We are your curtain dry cleaning experts. Not just dry cleaning, we provide curtain steam cleaning and other cleaning services as well. We have everything from tools to chemicals to provide the best curtain cleaning experience for you. You just give us a call and within no time we will call you back and quote the best price as per your needs and curtain details. With our trained and super equipped professionals, trust us with any type of curtains and have freshly cleaned curtains delivered back to your doorstep!

Curtain Dry Cleaning services FAQ

Q: Isn’t it just better to vacuum them on my own?

A: The answer is no, the reason being that vacuum only gets rid of the dust on the surface but not the difficult to clean areas, especially dust buildup behind the folds. Additionally, a vacuum brush might push dust into the curtains leaving stains on the fabric.

Q: Why should we choose curtain dry cleaning?

A: You do not want to spend all the money and hard work on your curtains only to realise that the technique and the cleaning agents have further damaged them and then rush to the market to buy new cheap ones. Curtains make your home look royal and elegant so it’s important to invest in the best for their upkeep and take care of them unless your money grows on trees.

Q: In which cases will a curtain require periodic cleaning?

A: Although, it is recommended to get them cleaned every 3-6 months. Curtain cleaning should be done more frequently, if the following are common at your home:-

Allergies: If someone in your family has allergies, it is always better to get curtains and carpets deep cleaned more frequently as they are a storehouse of common allergens like dust, pollen, dander, moulds, pet hair etc.

Smoking: Prolonged smoke exposure may make your curtains appear yellowish and it also absorbs the strong smoke odour. So, if cigarettes, cigars or pipes are commonly used at your home, keep washing the curtains frequently along with adequate ventilation to make your home smell fresh and clean.

You live near the sea: Salt deserves a place in your food, not on your curtains. The scenic beauty of the sea comes at the cost of regular cleaning of curtains as the sea air carries salt and may cause damage to them.

Q: Is it possible that my drapes might shrink?

A: Your curtains may shrink up to 3% when dry cleaned, which is usually mentioned on your care label, so don’t be worried in that case. Shrinkage may occasionally occur, but it is not a given. We take care to avoid it and take full measurements, photograph and analyse curtains for your satisfaction and to avoid any confusion.

Q: Should I take down my curtains?

A: We cover services at all steps, from analysing, taking curtains off the rod to cleaning and finally double-checking them to make sure they are not shrunk or damaged in the process. Therefore making it completely effortless and safe for you.

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